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CPLATH Hamburg

C.Plath-Hamburg - our manufacture

Ever since the times of Carl Plath, the manufacture of a C.Plath magnetic compass is still an art up to this day, which requires - apart from best materials - a high degree of craftsmanship, expertise, experience and fingertip sensitivity.
Qualifications which are being fulfilled by our highly specialised compass builders, who are being trained in our factory-owned manufacture, and who round off their skills with their unconditional passion for their profession.

Most modern precision engineering and traditional craftsmanship
While the individual components of a C.Plath magnetic compass are being manufactured with the aid of the most modern, high-precision CNC-technique, the assembly of the highly sensitive parts is still in the skilled hands of our compass builders. After all, the skills of our experts cannot be replaced by any machine, even nowadays.

High-quality materials are the foundation for our C.Plath quality
Apart from the quality of their processing, the performance of the source material is decisive for the quality of the final product. For the manufacture of a C.Plath magnetic compass, we only rely on highest-quality materials. After all, a C.Plath compass is an acquirement for your safety!

Safety and reliability as commitment to quality
With the delivery of a high-quality new product, our commitment to quality is by far not finished. Even a high-capacity compass contains wear and tear parts, whose functionality deteriorate within the course of time.

For this reason we have constructed the C.Plath magnetic compass in such a way that worn out parts can be disassembled and reassembled as oftenas necessary.

Manufacture, maintenance and repair out of one hand
To ensure that a maintained C.Plath compass functions just as reliably and precisely as a new one, our experienced compass builders are not only responsible for the manufacture, but also for the maintenance of the C.Plath magnetic compasses.

A C.Plath magnetic compass which is regularly being maintained, will precisely indicate the course even after decades – just like at the first turn – for this we guarantee with our manufacturer’s warranty conditions!

Our manufacture for your safety!