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Cplath Hamburg Compasses

Ever since the days of Carl Plath the manufacturing of a C.Plath magnetic compass is an art which requires – apart from best materials a high degree of craftsmanship, know-how, experience and fingertip feeling. After all our magnetic compass is – due to its traditionally laborious production – up to this day the reliable centrepiece of the navigation on board.

The demands a compass is exposed to as years go by are extremely large. They are the reason why C.Plath compasses have been designed. Since they are tuned optimally they defy strong vibrations, heat and humidity. Even in rough sea they offer highest functionality for your safety.

  • Flawless Metering at day and night: due to black-white 5°-, 2°- or 1°- compass card; anti-dazzle red 12-V- or 24-V lighting, optional 24-V, simple modern design with clearly visible lubber lines
  • High Durability:due to highest-quality materials –cristal clear, scratch-proof and impact-proof mineral glas dome, UV light resistant materials, seawater resistant anodized, powder-coated aluminium casing
  • Precision and Reliability even at most difficult conditions:calm and precise display due to full spherical solid construction with inner gimbal system; volume equilibrium through oscillation isolating double bottom
  • Vibration resistance: surpasses GL-demands tested up to 60 knot speed
  • Flexible:apt for all yachts and boats also for highest demands
  • C.Plath Hamburg Cube:All high-quality C.Plath compasses are being shipped in a precious C.Plath – Cube with silk lining – our protection and transport box for each of our jewels.
  • 50-years Manufacturer's Warranty:It is important for us that you will always be delighted with your compass and its reliability. Therefore we offer a 50-years Manufacturer’s Warranty based on a regular maintenance.